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Who are we?

Marie-France Gouin : Born in 1978 in Disraeli, Marie-France always loved children and creativity. After being a child educator in a daycare centre and then a home-based caregiver for ten years and a mother of two beautiful sons, she decides to combine her passions. She becomes an author and illustrator for children with her overflowing imagination. Then she starts the publishing house Audace & Caboche with her husband, Martin Delisle, to publish her many stories straight from her imagination.

Martin Delisle : Born in 1982 in St-Sylvestre, Martin decides to redirect his career and become a home-based child educator with his wife, Marie-France Gouin, in Victoriaville. He then decides to take action in her wonderful child books project by taking care of page layout and infographics. He then becomes publisher for Audace & Caboche.

Summary :

It all began in December 2012 when Marie-France and Martin were operating their home-based daycare centre. A curious little three-year-old boy was wondering what was hiding in a plastic bag in the closet; it was Christmas gifts for the daycare centre friends. Since Marie-France was busy with a friend and Martin was also busy with another task, the little boy decided to take the bag into a bedroom to look inside. Marie-France noticed the child was missing. She joined him in the bedroom to discuss with him about what he should have done instead. He could have asked the permission or waited until Marie-France was done and available to talk to him. That night, Marie-France decided to do research on books in which children are the heroes but she was surprised to find out this concept did not exist for the 2 to 7 year old children. She then wrote a story based on the incident, a story with choices to make.

This story was successful with the daycare centre children and they asked for other similar stories. After a few months, the daycare centre closed and a little longer after, Marie-France found back he story in a drawer. Rereading it, she thought it was a nice story. She received many positive comments about her first story and started to write many other similar stories in which you are the hero for young children. Amazed by this project, Martin decided to support her and together they launched the Audace & Caboche Publishing House. Marie-France was in charge of writing and illustrating the stories, while Martin took care of infographics, layout, management, and marketing. Taking advice from more experimented people, participating in literary events, having tons of projects in mind and with a lot of ambition, Audace & Caboche has grown in popularity.


We are a publishing house that publishes, among other things, unique in their category books in which you are the hero for 2 to 7 year-old children and for 7 to 12 year-old children.

CHOICES of stories! Original, Educative, Fascinating, and Funny!

With our books, children learn to make choices, being autonomous when it comes to take decision, and becoming responsible while taking responsibility for their actions.

For the 2 to 7 year-old children, every story includes 4 different finales, i.e. there are 4 stories in 1. For the 7 to 12 year-old children, every story includes 8 or 9 different finales.

For the youngest all the illustrations are handmade: dry pastels, oil pastels, watercolor, coloured pencils, and other artistic methods. For the oldest, illustrations are handmade then computer touched up.

In our The choice is Yours! collection, 4 series are available :

ADVENTURE : A funny series in which all the finales are positive so they are pleasant and comforting for the child. Dotted with funny situations, this series has a humoristic side as well.

EDUCATIVE : An educative series in which finales are determined by the choices made along the story. Reasoning, deduction, and taking responsibility for one’s acts await the reader. The funny side of this series: choose to behave or misbehave!

FANTASTIC : An eccentric series where everything is possible! Mixed up to reality, this world imagination is sky limited and without parent’s authorization!

100 CHOICES : A series with only one finale and tons of choices the child can make during the story!

Why Audace & Caboche (Boldness and head)? It takes boldness to offer unique and original concepts in the overcrowded world of books for children. Head refers to the fact that our books appeal to children cognitive development, which allow cogitation, reasoning, and deduction.

We also publish books for adults with mordant, fascinating, bold, and original stories.

For our adult clients, we offer suspense stories, humoristic short stories and other literary genres are to come.


audace & caboche

Audace & Caboche is a publishing house that publishes original, bold books for young and old ones that allow thinking.

We offer stories in which you are the hero for 2 to 7 year-old and for 7 to 12 year-old but also humorous short stories, suspense, and other grown up stories.

A publishing house to discover!

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